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Make Your School 10 x

Our technology integration will ensure that your school education delivery is 10 X impactful. Enables Leaders to access overall school performance for improvement planning and data-driven decision making.

Ensure Your School is Future Ready

Only in-class delivery is not sufficient. Our schools need to envision learning by flipping the class, reinforcement of learning any time with teacher-led resources, conducting assessments for precise remedial and doubt clearing.

Engaged Student & Informed Parent

Get personalised attention for your child resulting into better understanding and learning outcomes. Reports & Information can be analysed to identify patterns and gaps in learning for individualised improvement plan.


Teacher’s Workload Reduction


Teaching Effectiveness


Personalised Student Engagement


 Impactful teaching

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Transforming change in this era of Hybrid Learning

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March 11, 2022

How can educators bridge learning gaps with blended learning?

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March 11, 2022

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