An educator's guide to secured and safe virtual classrooms

  admin         March 11, 2022

This blog is a quick guide for educators and school heads on why cybersecurity should be a top priority for schools and some important safety and security tips to follow in virtual classrooms of 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to switch to virtual classrooms, to keep the learning of students uninterrupted. Consequently, the teaching techniques and methods have undergone a major change, leveraging technology.

Children are exposed to devices more than ever before and unfortunately, have become vulnerable to cyber threats. The current generation have the inherent ability to explore and experiment with technology. They are fascinated by the wonders of the web – as to how quickly and easily, they can pull information on any subject under the sun. But, they do not realize the troubles that come along with this power.

Keeping students and sensitive information secure in a virtual learning environment, is a huge responsibility on your shoulders.

Some of the things you can do are:

1. Build a robust security infrastructure

2. Educate students and parents about responsible internet usage

Children may not know about what could be the implications of sharing passwords and addresses online – there are several such dangers whose gravity they just don’t understand. As an educator, it is your key role to enable children to use the Internet – and technology in general – in a responsible and safe way.

3. Provide a conducive learning environment

4.  Share online learning materials cautiously

5. Choose a secured virtual learning platform

Your choice of the virtual classroom software is critical as it plays a huge role in ensuring online safety for children.

It should – is one such education delivery platform which is worth exploring. It is simple, secure and powerful – and is an apt choice for conducting online classes seamlessly.

Some of the features that you may evaluate:

The future of education is incomplete without technology.  Educators and parents must work together as a team, to facilitate tech-enabled education for students – in a safe and secure learning environment. Adult oversight is a must especially with younger children.Our goal should be to educate children in a way that they are ‘mindful of their purpose to use technology’ and use it as a catalyst for their growth.


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