Simple Approaches to Help School Principals Become More Tech Savvy

  admin         March 11, 2022

What comes to your mind when you reminisce about your good old days at school? Probably your best teacher, your best friends, your favourite subject, and an extremely dedicated but strict principal. 

These attributes that once defined our future shapers are no more relevant in this current world, a world that is full of never-ending unprecedented changes beyond our imagination.

In this tech-enabled world and soon to be tech-powered education driver, the teachers are assessed by how quickly they can adapt to the innovative teaching methods. But the technology leaders, the principals are often overlooked in a discussion about education digitization. Though there always remains an unmet need to enable the principals to become tech-savvy as they are the ones responsible for technology integration.

Here are some of the ways to become a tech-savvy principal:

Tech-enabled team

Do you even realize how important is the role of a principal in any school?

He is the one who guides the institutions on how to espouse e-learning methods in the teaching curriculum. And a great leadership like that needs a great team. So, the first step is to identify like-minded teachers having excellent technical skills and powerful teaching styles.

Identify the imperfections

Not all teaching styles are perfect, and even if it is, it needs a continuous overhauling with changing times!

After you have established a tech-enabled team, read the latest trends in the education sector, especially related to the schools. Have a discussion within the team to come with the ideas which are feasible to implement and will have a long-lasting impact. Once you have a list, start prioritizing the ideas and figure out the number of days and resources required.

Embrace technology

Principals have been always looked upon as someone who manages the day to day activities in schools. But No more! When the leader himself is advocating digital practices and online training, he needs to enrol in such activities that make him digitally enabled. It’s also advised to promote technology efficacy in your day-to-day tasks. Even a simple walk-thorough in the technology space by a principal can motivate his students and teachers to embrace technology whole-heartedly.

Effective Use of Technology

With millions of schools closing down worldwide a wave of digitalization can be observed in the education sector. 

But have you ever wondered what’s going to be the next move when your life comes back on track? How far are you willing to embrace the technologies in your curriculum? 

Virtual classrooms, for instance, have been adopted by most of the schools currently, but when the pandemic is over, will the schools be liberal enough to continue such practices? 

The decision is eventually going to rely on the principal. And to decide that’s best for all, a principal should be well versed with the technologies that surround the learning space. He should assess how impactful are the digital courses over the traditional classroom teaching methodologies. He should also look for such digital elements that have somehow contributed to value addition in classrooms.

Motivation a key to digital transformation

Not all teachers are motivated enough to try out new tech-enabled innovative learning methods. As they are new to the digitized world of teaching, they cannot bring technological efficiency and teaching excellence to the table simultaneously.

In such a scenario, a principal can act as a facilitator to motivate the teachers to come up with new ways of learning and enable them to be open towards making mistakes. Such practices can also be encouraged by conducting regular sessions to facilitate teachers who have come up with the most competent technology-supported curriculum.

A Supportive Environment

Don’t you feel drained when a new task comes up your way?

Well, the same thing applies to teachers too, when the school administration forces them to try out new teaching styles after giving only an overview of the method. In such a case, it becomes eventually exhausting for the teachers to self-learn complex teaching ways.

To eliminate such scenarios, a principal can always step in to increase the duration of the prior training until a teacher feels confident enough to take up everything by himself. Moreover, the principal can think over ways to provide readily available training to his staff.

Furthermore, in this pandemic hit-world, an ideal guide is the one who can adhere to the guidelines, create an amicable atmosphere, promote tech-enabled learning, and deliver the highest quality of education.

An Informal but Productive Approach

Team Gathering: Once in a while the principal can host a team get-together where the teachers assemble, have some snacks, and then learn the latest technical skills from each other. It can be something like a knowledge transfer session. 

Bring the leaders in technology space to provide training: A tech-savvy principal should not only look for enabling himself rather should look for holistic development. So, the leaders of the business world or even the people who are into education startups can be invited for a one-time training or to speak on “Tremendous business opportunities in education space and how can schools adopt these trends.”

Reward the teachers who bring technical creativity on the table: If you want a tech-enabled school and you feel your teachers are the pillars of your school, reward them for your work. More motivated your teacher is, the more technical knowledge he will strive for. For instance, things such as e-books software, online quizzing apps can be encouraged.

Tech-leader of the month: You can come up with innovative awards like “Tech leader of the month” for teachers who have been able to learn and implement effective technical skills in their day to day lesson plans. Moreover, such students can also be awarded who has been able to excel in that curriculum.

Right Environment: You need to discern a very simple thing, for anything to prosper, the right environment is needed. So, come up with the right set of technology that can be easily integrated. Even the integration of personal digital assistant, projector, and software providers can give you a kick start.


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